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Kind to the people, the earth and all that it sustains

Nutritious – fuels our body and hearts

Delicious flavour you’ll come back for

Different – we do different, accept different and try different

Tasmanian. Dairy Free. 100% Plant Based. Lactose Free.

Through the production of delicious plant based foods we aim to make a lasting difference to our world – helping you to ‘feed your kindness’ and live a healthier, more compassionate and sustainable life.

We lend from the traditional cheesemaking process in our products.

Original Oat Melt

Think cheesy lasagne, gooey toasted sandwiches, delicious pizzas, savoury pastries, gozleme-style toasted wraps.

Aged Cashew Cheese

Slice onto crusty sourdough, make a delightful fresh sandwich or blend it into a rich cheese sauce with a plant-based milk of choice.

Cultured Oat Butter

Decadent, creamy and spreadable butter that melts in your mouth just like regular butter.

Almond Greek Feta

Drool over a roast tomato, fresh basil and feta pizza, crumble it into a salad of your liking or garnish atop a savoury tart.

Feed your kindness.

As happens often when values align and passions are ignited, an idea was born.  We eagerly combined our thoughts into one colossal vision and began to establish our plant based cheesy enterprise to spread the good to each and every one of you.

Let’s talk all things kindness.

July 15, 2021

Lauds American Style Diner + Winter Feast

As many of you have come to know, Lauds are regulars at the Dark Mofo Winter Feast. It’s a great way to connect with plant-based loving foodies and engage with…
May 5, 2021

Lords? Lads? Lauds?

We get a lot of questions about our name. Lauds, pronounced “Lords” is an adaption of the hometown of our founders Simon & Dani – Lauderdale.  Lauderdale is located on…
May 5, 2021

Excuse our polystyrene…

Our impact on the environment is always at the forefront of our operations. We know that polystyrene can create a large impact as it is not recyclable in most states.…
May 5, 2021

Is plant-based cheese good for you?

Nutrition is an important component to all our products. This is why we use the whole nut or oat, so we can include all the nutrients available.  Here’s a few…

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