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Christmas can be a time of over consumption, stress and waste. During the festive season we wanted to share 12 ways to be more sustainable over Christmas. We can all take small steps to being more sustainable. The hardest part is starting, so why not choose at least one of the 12 steps below and implement it?!

1) Find Christmas gifts at op shops
Instead of buying new commercial gifts, why not head to your local op shop? There are always lots of treasures and gifts to find. Buy a gift that keeps on giving.

2) Volunteer your time
It is always a great feeling to give back to your community, so why not volunteer some of your time this Christmas? ⁠Maybe that is volunteering a few hours at your local op-shop, or at a local community garden! Or ask around and find volunteering opportunities in your local area.

3) Wrap gifts in something that can be re-used
Each year metres and metres of wrapping paper is used to wrap Christmas gifts, that most of the time just ends up getting thrown out. So opt for something that can be re-used, such as a t-towel secured with ribbon, or following the Japanese wrapping technique of Furoshiki. Find out more here.

4) Give an experience
Change up your gift giving with giving an experience. Steer away from commercialised gifts and give an experience instead, and let the memories be created. ⁠Here’s some ideas: a cooking class, a pottery class, yoga membership!⁠

5) Change up your Christmas tree
Ditch the plastic tree and go for a beech wood tree, metal tree, or a small tree/shrub that can be planted after!⁠

6) Don’t send Christmas cards
Instead of sending Christmas cards, send e-card’s, or alternatively write a meaningful message on a shell or piece of drift wood, which is more personal (plus it’s all natural and will break down naturally).⁠

7) Sponsor an animal
Gift a loved one the gift of sponsoring or adopting an animal this Christmas. A beautiful act of kindness.⁠ ⁠Find out more here.

8) Don’t buy gifts, donate money to charity
For the friend or family member that doesn’t want a gift, donate some money to charity and tell them! For some, Christmas time is filled with struggle, so by donating to a charity of your choice may just be the helping hand so many need. ⁠

9) Organise a plant-based dinner
Organise a plant-based Christmas dinner to enjoy with family and friends. There are so many delicious plant-based alternatives out there today. Sit down and start planning your Christmas dinner menu. Our go-to’s are a plant-based roast, lots of veggies, salads and a grazing board, featuring Lauds cheese of course!⁠

10) Prevent Christmas food waste
To prevent Christmas food waste, only cook what’s needed. And if you do have leftovers, don’t throw them out! Be creative instead. For example make bubble and squeak, make sandwiches, or have another Christmas lunch!⁠

11) Educate others to start the conversation
Start the conversation, it has to start somewhere. Be mindful of who you talk to and when, as you want to make sure that they are ready and open for the conversation. ⁠

12) Switch off
Switch off and stop. Give yourself some screen free time over the festive period. Choose a day or even just a few hours to turn off your phone and be present.⁠

Are you inspired to be more sustainable this Christmas?

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