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Easy Vegan Waldorf Salad

Topping this classic salad with our Smoked Oat Cheese gives this classic salad a deliciously savoury and salty kick with every mouthful! Made with fresh apples, grapes and celery, this is an easy one-bowl salad that you can knock together for any occasion.

Makes 6-8 servings  |  Prep Time: 20-30 mins


2 tart apples such as Granny Smith or Pink Lady, skinned and chopped into small pieces (220g)
2 stalks celery, sliced (200g)
1⁄2 cup red grapes, halved (100g)
1 cup walnuts, roughly chopped (some large chunks are good!) (120g)
Lauds Smoked Oat Cheese
A few large leaves of butter Lettuce

1⁄2 cup vegan mayo (120g) 2 tbsp lemon juice
1⁄4 – 1⁄2 tsp salt
1⁄4 tsp pepper
1⁄4 tsp sugar


  1. In a large mixing bowl whisk together all the dressing ingredients.
  2. Add in the apples, celery, grapes and walnuts and mix well until everything is coated evenly.
  3. Arrange some large leaves of butter lettuce onto a serving plate and top with the salad.
  4. Using a cheese plane or a veggie peeler, carefully shave off pieces of Lauds Smoked Oat Cheese and sprinkle all over your salad. Top with a few extra pieces of grapes and crushed walnuts and serve!


  • If you want to toast your walnuts (recommended) – preheat your oven to 180°C and toast them for 8-10 minutes. Cool completely before.
  • The salad can be made one day in advance, store in the refrigerator overnight and plate up on fresh lettuce and top with cheese right before serving
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