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It’s January, which means we can celebrate Veganuary!

So what is Veganuary? It’s all about going vegan for the whole month of January to try it out! Nowadays there is so many delicious vegan alternatives out there, so switching to a vegan lifestyle is an easy and delicious thing to do!

Veganuary’s mission is simple: they want a vegan world (and so do we).

Experiencing veganism for a month will show you just how good it feels to be vegan. Going vegan means changing your lifestyle to be healthier, more environmentally friendly and putting animals first!

At Lauds we like to ‘feed our kindness’  which essentially translates to you nourishing your body with food that matches your own personal truth.

Nervous about going vegan? Don’t be! Head to the Veganuray website to see what resources and support is out there to assist you through this journey.

The step towards a 100% vegan or plant-based diet can be daunting. Dani, one of our founders took this step in her early 20’s and hasn’t looked back.

There are SO many deliciously tasty vegan recipes out there! Just google ‘vegan recipes’ and you’ll see what we mean! And as you stroll through your local grocer you will see just how much vegan friendly food is out there. Pretty much everything has a vegan alternative!

Here are a few of our favourite recipes for you to try!

Who is with us?! Go vegan today!

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