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As many of you have come to know, Lauds are regulars at the Dark Mofo Winter Feast. It’s a great way to connect with plant-based loving foodies and engage with the prolific and abundant winter festivities. But this year, we wanted to go bigger. And we thought, what better way to launch an exciting new sliced cheese product than an American Cheeseburger, at an American Style Diner.

Keeping in line with the opulent Winter Feast colours of red and black, our whole stall was inspired by a typical American style diner; checker black and white tiles, neon lights, an epic popcorn machine, and retro diner hats to fit.  We were there to catch your attention and we did not hold back.

Our friends at The Cashew Creamery joined with tasty vegan choc-chip ice cream sandwiches, along with ice cream spiders (or Floats as they would say in America) served with a scoop of The Cashew Creamery and TasPop Pink Lemonade or Cola, with the option to booze it up with New Norfolk Distillery Spiced Rum or McHenry’s Sloe Gin!!

It was an epic few days cooking and serving the hungry crowds of the Winter Feast, with delicious diner-style foods, featuring all of your favourite Lauds products! There were so many amazing menu items to choose from this year:

  • Loaded cheeseburger fries: fries, ketchup, Frankie’s Fine Brine pickles, and Lauds cheese sauce. Need we say more?
  • The all-time favourite mac and cheese sticks: macaroni and Lauds cheese, coated in a panko crumb, deep fried and served with ketchup and mayo. It is no surprise this a crowd pleaser.
  • American grilled cheese: Lauds cheese and truffle paste sandwiched between sourdough. Delicious.
  • Cheesy bacon popcorn: a simple, and delicious snack. Popcorn with (vegan) cheesy bacon seasoning and Lauds oat butter.
  • Lauds very own cheeseburger, with a V2 pattie, Frankie’s Fine Brine pickles, mustard, onion, ketchup, and featuring a brand-new Lauds product! Sliced cheese!

Why not try making one of these menu items yourself? Tag us, we’d love to see!

The team chose the Winter Feast to be the location for launching this new Lauds sliced cheese product, and it will be making its way to the shelves soon. We are super excited for this. A perfect addition to sandwiches, burgers, and toasties. This is an incredible new product, and will become a versatile, go-to cheese for plant-based lovers, vegans, anyone! Keep your eyes peeled for this new, exciting product!

The vibe this year was a little different to previous years due to Covid, but that didn’t stop us and the whole Winter Feast crowd from having a great time! It is always special to experience the Dark Mofo world – there is something special about getting together as a community in the middle of winter, to eat, drink, laugh and smile. It adds some warmth to the soul.

Did you know Dark Mofo Winter Feast endorses and promotes sustainability across the whole event, with no stall allowed to use single use plastic? Instead, all food packaging must be biodegradable and sustainable. We really appreciate this ethos and is one of the many reasons we love being a part of the event. In selected areas of the event, they also have a plate and cup exchange system so that there is less waste. We would love the event to go to 100% reusable, and hope to see it move there in the future.

There were so many plant-based and vegan options – which we loved to see. Some of our favourite stalls were Tunnel Hill Mushrooms who used Lauds’ products to create delicious double smoked baby potatoes with cultured oat butter! And Krumbies, who had amazing gluten free and vegan s’mores-  you even got to toast your own marshmallow to smoosh between cookies and dark chocolate.

And that is our wrap up of the 2021 Dark Mofo Winter Feast, Lauds style. Thank you Mona & Dark Lab for putting on this event in 2021! And a massive thank you to our loyal, local community for your continued support!

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