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Little Lotus Café is a vegetarian and vegan oasis in Hobart that celebrates mindful eating! This cafe is a little escape from the hustle and bustle of the city- the perfect place to come to refuel and relax.

Little Lotus is a café hidden in the heart of the city. Located in Victoria Street near the entrance to Centerpoint carpark, this café is the perfect place to enjoy a nourishing lunch, sweet treat or hot beverage. A big emphasis is placed on creating vegetarian and vegan meals. They source healthy and sustainable ingredients which they use to create delicious meals with love.

With a relaxing, humble atmosphere, it makes for the perfect spot to take some ‘me’ time or catch up with friends. We think this calming atmosphere is thanks to the yoga studio space upstairs and spiritual store, Padmalight, located next door, that give the space a lovely incense smell. You do feel as though you are about to begin a yoga class! As you walk through the busyness of Centerpoint, out the doors and along Victoria Street, you are welcomed by a sea of calm as you walk through the Little Lotus doors. Choose to sit in the front of the café and watch the friendly team at work, or walk down the corridor and sit out the back (with access to Padmalight).

Owner Chan told us, ‘We aim to be an environmental and social responsible café/place where we could contribute and make a little positive splash in the little blue dot we call home. We also love the customers and want to make it the most welcoming café for everyone to enjoy’.

Little Lotus Café is the perfect spot for vegans, with most of the menu being vegan or able to be changed to be vegan. There are also lots of options for gluten free as well. Other than food, you can also purchase native floral bunches and cute homemade crafts.

Here’s what we had:

Lily chose these vegan options:

  • Jaffle: packed with eggplant, kimchi, spinach and Lauds Original Oat Melt, with a beautifully balanced flavour. It is the perfect midday pick-me-up. The jaffle changes regularly, so ask the friendly team what the current flavour is.
  • Merry Berries Smoothie: bursting with berry flavour, this smoothie is deliciously sweet, and nourishing. Full of wholesome ingredients such as macadamia, chia seeds, coconut yogurt and banana, this smoothie will hit the spot.

Nicola chose these vegan and gluten-free options:

  • Okonomiyaki Corn Fritters: a fresh, hearty and colourful meal. The fritters are made from sweet potato and corn and paired beautifully with the creamy homemade cashew cheese. Such a moreish dish.
  • Banana Power Puff Smoothie: the delicious flavours of banana and cinnamon made this smoothie refreshing and nourishing. Topped with hemp seeds for extra nourishment.

To finish, we shared a Miso Caramel Brownie, both vegan and gluten free. This brownie was rich, decadent and very chocolatey. The caramel was made from miso and dates, something we both had never eaten before (and we would definitely eat it again!).

There are lots of other yummy dishes and sweet treats to choose from. We asked Chan for her favourite menu item and she said EVERYTHING!!

Chan told us, ‘We as a vegan café have always tried to source the best vegan friendly products to use in our menu. Our priorities will be the ones that give us the freedom to be creative pairing and mixing with other ingredients while at the same time, being absolutely delicious on it’s own. We have been looking for a good vegan cheese for sometime, but none made the short list until we tried Lauds!’

So, what’s next for Little Lotus? ‘I think we will just keep being awesome!! Other than that, we will try to see if we could join in some events/market and maybe do some collaborations with other brands/ chefs or anything that excites’ Chan told us.

So next time you are in the Hobart, make sure you visit Little Lotus Cafe.

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