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At Lauds Plant-Based Foods we make high quality products for all to enjoy. We place an emphasis on using local where we can, and high quality ingredients to create delicious vegan products. Tasmania produces some of the worlds best ingredients, and we take pride in supporting local businesses.

Let’s take a look at some of our suppliers đŸ’›

Tasmanian Organic Oats from Kindred Organics

Located in Kindred, Tasmania, on the north-west coast, the Damen Family grow oats, spelt, hemp, buckwheat and quinoa. They have been following organic farming methods for over a decade now. We use Kindred Oats in some of our products such as the oat yogurt which is used in our oat butter, and oat melts. To find out more about Kindred Organics click here.

Tasman Sea Salt

‘Tasman Sea Salt harnesses naturally occurring solar and thermal energy in its production process, to minimise the impact on its pristine surrounds, and remain true to its core value of creating an environmentally sustainable business’. Tasmania is home to pristine, clean and nutrient rich waters which gives Tasman Sea Salt it’s great taste and flavour. We use Tasman Sea Salt in our premium products, like our Cultured Oat Butter, Almond & Cashew Persian Fetta and aged cheese rounds. To find out more about Tasman Sea Salt click here.

Organic Coconut Oil

Niulife is a social enterprise. They give 100% of the profits from the sale of every product back to the villages that make the oil. They ensure that all ingredients are certified organic and are sourced ethically, from family-owned producers. It is great to be able to support businesses that give back. To find out more about Niulife click here.

Australian Almonds

Almondco was founded in 1944 and is renowned for producing a high quality product. With more than 85% of Australia’s almond growers suppling their company, they are one of the most successful horticultural co-operatives. To find out more about Almondco click here.

Tasmanian Walnuts

We source our walnuts from Stahmann Webster, located in Swansea Tasmania and in New South Wales. Did you know more than 90% of Australian walnuts are grown on Stahmann Webster orchards? To find out more about Stahmann Webster click here.

Tamar Valley Truffled Olive Oil

Tamar Valley Truffles are located on Lake Trevallyn in the Tamar Valley of Tasmania. There are around 3,000 oak trees on their property which were planted in 2001. They have grown in prominence and are a well respected brand in Australia and worldwide. Their truffled olive oil has an amazing flavour which we use in our truffle cashew cream cheese. To find out more about Tamar Valley Truffles click here.

Do you try and support local where you can and use high quality products?

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