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It’s July which means one thing… Plastic Free July. It is time to join millions and reduce your plastic wastage.

So what is Plastic Free July? It is a global movement that makes people a part of the solution to plastic pollution. The result? Cleaner communities, streets and oceans- a cleaner environment for us and all animals. So this July (and we hope beyond) will you choose to refuse single use plastic where you can?!

Keep scrolling to see our top tips to reduce plastic waste! It’s all about starting small and doing SOMETHING!

1) Dental Care

Ditch the plastic toothbrush and use one made from sustainable and compostable materials, such as bamboo. Be mindful- the bristles may be made from plastic, so before you compost make sure to remove the bristles.

With toothpaste, there are so many great alternatives to the plastic tube! My Shay, a local Tasmanian company, make a toothpaste that comes in a reusable glass jar. PLUS! They have refills available, so you can keep using the jar over and over again. Find it here.

2) Balloons and Decorations

We love a good party, but why should that come at a cost of adding plastic to the bin?!

First up, say no to balloons. They may be fun for a second, but did you know it takes 450 years to decompose?!! CRAZY!

So instead, why not make homemade decorations and keep them for the next party? Here’s some ideas: bunting, tassels, tissue pom poms, lanterns, or bunches of fresh or dried flowers. If you want confetti go bush and collect dry leaves, cut them up and you have natural and composting confetti!

3) Buy Less

Next time you go and buy something, take some time to stop and think: Is there a better alternative? Do I need this? Or, do I need this much?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you know the saying ‘you buy cheap you buy twice’? It’s so much better to purchase something that’s going to last forever than to purchase something that will need to be replaced regularly.
  • Instead of buying something brand new, can you borrow it from a family member or friend?
  • Can this food product be purchased in bulk?
  • Should I be looking in my local op shop instead of buying something brand new?

4) Bags, Straws, Cups and Containers

Choose to refuse plastic bags, plastic straws, coffee cups and plastic takeaway containers (and cutlery!). Single use plastic is EVERYWHERE! So let’s be a part of the movement that puts an end to it.

Here are some great switches to ditch the plastic:

  • Plastic bag ➡ reusable bag
  • Plastic bread bag ➡ bring your own reusable bag or opt for paper and reuse
  • Plastic straw ➡ metal or silicone reusable straw
  • Plastic water bottle ➡ buy a stainless steel or reusable one
  • Coffee cups ➡ reusable cup or relax and sit in
  • Takeaway containers ➡ see if you can bring your own or cook a feast at home. Here’s some yummy ideas
  • Plastic cutlery ➡ get a set of reusable to stash in your bag

5) Food Storage

Stop using cling wrap. Cling wrap is an easy and convenient product, BUT is so wasteful and harmful to the environment (animals can even mistake it for food and eat it 😓).

There are SO many great alternatives out there. You can store food in reusable containers, seal a bowl with a silicon bowl topper, or reusable cloth cover. A local Tasmanian company, Sustomi, sell a great array of sustainable and reusable products such as silicone food pouches, metal straws, mesh produce bags, silicone baking mats, and silicone food covers. Check them out!

6) Create a Beach/Park Clean Up 

Want to make an impact to your local community? Organise a clean up and tidy up your local park, beach or street. Head on over to Plastic Free July’s website for great tips and where to advertise your clean up. Find it here.

Are you saying NO to single use plastic where you can?!

It’s all about starting, even if it’s small. So why not choose at least one of the above and adopt the practise into your daily life. The environment, animals and your community will thank you. We all are responsible and need to do our part.

Say yes to Plastic Free July (and beyond).

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