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2022 is nearly over… what do you want to let go of, remember, and take into 2023? Here are 7 Reflective Moments to take into 2023:

1) Climate change is real and close to home

The world is threated by and is vulnerable to climate change, as seen through the catastrophic floods that happened in Queensland this year. While this event caused heart break and sadness, we can reflect on the power of humanity and the will power of individuals to stand up and help others and animals. It is also a reminder to stand up for the planet!

2) We can be the change

Had a conversation this year promoting veganism or sustainability? You have planted the seed to show others how to live a more mindful life. This is your reminder to continue to be an advocate. Continue posting the delicious vegan dish you created, use reusable materials, continue the conversation, and continue being an advocate for the voiceless. People can learn by us setting an example.

3) Ukraine

Our thoughts have been with Ukraine this year 💙💛 No one should ever feel as though their life depends on fleeing their own country, a place they call home. It is a feeling no one should ever experience, yet so many are all around the world. We all have a right to feel safe, and this safety should never be taken away. ⁠We learnt that kindness matters. We all are here to look after each other and show kindness to all.

4) Autonomy over our bodies

Your body = your choice. Shouldn’t we all have a choice about what happens to our bodies? As Amnesty put so well ‘Criminalising abortion does not stop abortions, it just makes abortion less safe’. We all have a right to make a decision on the direction of our lives and a right to decide what happens to our bodies. It’s time to stand together and use our voice because our body = our choice.

5) Vegan foods

The vegan food market is booming! There is always something new and vegan hitting the shelves *cue happy dance*. This shows that the demand for vegan foods is on the increase, which we love to see. Vegan Australia collected data that showed the number of vegan products listed on Woolworths’ website grew from 550 in 2019 to about 1800 this year!

6) Your voice matters

Start the conversation for something you believe in, it has to start somewhere. Be mindful of who you talk to and when, as you want to make sure that they are ready and open for the conversation. ⁠Know that your voice matters. We have to be the ones to speak up.

7) There are always good news stories

There is a lot of negative, sad and unfortunate news stories all around us. It can be depressing, especially when you know in your heart that something shouldn’t have occurred or happened. BUT! In amongst all this sadness, there are always glimmers of hope- good news stories that put a smile on your face. We have learnt that there is always something good going on- even if we need to go search for it.

Bring on 2023! Here’s to using our voice and speaking up for those who need it!

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