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There are so many delicious vegan products out there! Nowadays head into any grocer and you are bound to find a delicious trolley load of vegan food.

Lets take a look at our top ten favourite vegan products!

1) Tempeh and tofu

Tempeh and tofu are two kitchen essentials for a vegan kitchen. Both products are so versatile and can be used to create delicious plant-based protein rich meals. Add to curries, or stir-fry’s. Crumble tofu and make scrambled tofu. Pan fry strips of tempeh and add to a big vegan breakfast.

2) Lamyong Vegetarian Mushroom Chunks

This is the most tender meaty meat substitute we have found, with minimal processed ingredients. The main ingredient are shitake mushrooms. Add to curries, stews or use as a side. Available in good Asian supermarkets.

3) Coyo Yoghurts

A deliciously creamy coconut yogurt that is probiotic rich and full of wholesome ingredients. Choose from these delicious flavours: natural, vanilla bean, mango, chocolate, and mixed berry. Perfect to use in granola bowls, smoothies, with apple crumble- the list goes on. Find out more about Coyo here.

4) Flora Plant Cream

This multipurpose cream for cooking and baking is delicious and so versatile. The best thing is that this product can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes thanks to its clean and neutral taste. Use to create creamy sauces, use in pasta, use as whipped cream on top of cakes, or use in desserts and pastries- have a go and see what delicious dishes you create.

5) The Cashew Creamery Ice Creams

These ice creams are something special. Made in Tasmania from a cashew base, these ice creams are the perfect sweet treat and always hit the spot. These ice creams are dairy free, gluten free, soy free, vegan and super delicious. We love the ice cream sticks and flavours include: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint or coffee. Find out more about The Cashew Creamery here and stockists here.

6) Buds Plant Mince

This is one of our favourite plant-based mince and can be used to create so many delicious meals. Make a bolognese sauce, Mexican taco meat, sausage rolls, party pies, lasagne, koftas, san choy bow, wontons or burgers- the list is endless. Find delicious recipes on their website here.

7) Funky Pies

These would have to be the best vegan pies around! Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. All the pies are vegan which makes it difficult to choose a favourite, but here are our top three:
G’Day Satay Pie: roasted pumpkin and coriander in a peanut sauce
Mexican Magic Pie: mushroom nuggets, and kidney beans in a mild chilli tomato salsa
No Worry Curry Pie: chickpeas, lentils, and potatoes in a coconut Indian curry sauce

These pies are available in organic wholefood stores around Australia, or at their café in Bondi Beach. Find them here.

8) Lamyong Bacon Strips

100% vegan with a delicious smoky flavour, these bacon strips go so well as a side for a big vegan breakfast, in wraps, or sandwiches. Find it here.

9) Luka Wellness Superfoods Drinking Chocolate

This drinking chocolate is a creamy and indulgent treat with lots of benefits. Each cup of hot chocolate is full of superfoods including: Australian Native’s Kakadu Plum and Wattleseed, Green Tea extract, Valerian Root, and Chicory Root. The perfect way to create a self care ritual is to make a cup of hot chocolate each day and take some you time. Find out more about Luka Wellness here.

10) Loving Earth Chocolate

Everyone needs a chocolate stash in the cupboard right? There are so many delicious vegan chocolates out there, and one of our favourite brands is Loving Earth. They are an ethically driven company and create healthy indulgence in a way that doesn’t harm the planet. Their factory is solar powdered and the packaging compostable. Delicious flavours include: caramel, almond crunch, 85% dark, creamy, and lemon cheesecake caramel. Want to know more? Click here.

What are your favourite vegan products?

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