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Our plant-based cheeses are versatile, affordable & delicious!

Our cheeses are made with love and we lend from the traditional cheesemaking process in our products. It’s like dairy, but we think it’s better!! Our cheeses can be used in so many delicious ways, creating yummy dishes that will satisfy anyone’s cravings for a healthier cheesy option. Let’s take a look at our delicious range of vegan cheeses…

Three perfect cheeses for a cheese platter…

Smoked Oat Cheese

A hard cheese which is matured as a large wheel for 4 weeks, only coming out of the cheese cave for it’s weekly rub with salt and oil. It is then cold smoked with Tasmanian woodchips.

It gives body and depth to any meal. Try it on burgers, sandwiches or wraps, shave and stir through pasta, risottos, salads or mash, or slice it thick and fry like halloumi! Try this Easy Vegan Waldorf Salad.

It won’t melt, bubble and brown quite like traditional cheese, but it packs a punch of smoky flavour whichever way you use it. Platters of any kind can benefit from this cheese too.

Aged Cashew Cheese

A semi-hard cheese which has sharp cheddar overtones. It is matured to develop the rich, complex flavours and to create a firm, creamy texture.  

Serve straight from the fridge to a grazing platter alongside your favourite assortment of crackers, pickles, and other food delicacies. Slice onto crusty sourdough, make a delightful fresh sandwich or blend it into a rich cheese sauce with a plant-based milk of choice. Will soften out of the fridge.

Ashed Walnut Cheese

A semi-hard cheese which is strong and sharp to start, finishing with a balanced walnut-driven earthy flavour. It is matured to develop its complex flavours and creamy texture, then coated in activated charcoal.

This cheese is best served cold and shared on a platter with your favourite crackers and dips.

Better with Feta!!

Almond Persian Feta

Velvety on the palate and is a hit with all who love strong cheeses. It is soft, white and creamy and is reminiscent of a subtle goats cheese. Marinating in a herb infused oil produces a delicately balanced and velvety end product.

Use as a creamy platter cheese, atop Mexican dishes in place of sour cream or pair it with avocado on toast, in sandwiches or wraps, or as a garnish to any dish which requires a smooth and tangy finish. Try these delicious recipes! Blueberry & Feta Pancakes or Savoury Zucchini and Feta Galette.

Almond Greek Feta

Made from Australian Almonds and is the perfect ‘clean eating’ feta alternative. It is semi-hard, white and crumbly, and has a soft lactic and salty flavour.

This almond feta makes a most scrumptious spinach and feta pie, spanakopita or delicate filo triangles. Drool over a roast tomato, fresh basil and feta pizza, crumble it into a salad of your liking or garnish atop a savoury tart. Use this product to make the most beautiful and delicious Avocado, Cranberry, Walnut and Feta Toast.

Our take on cheddar! Cheesy and oh so delicious 

Original Oat Melt

Lauds Original Oat Melt is made from an oat and yellow split pea cultured yoghurt. It is a versatile cheese which melts, bubbles and browns just like regular cheddar. It is mild to taste, has no artificial flavour profile and can be used a substitute cheese for any dish which calls for melty indulgence.

Think cheesy lasagne, gooey toasted sandwiches, delicious pizzas, savoury pastries, gozleme-style toasted wraps. You could grate it and serve it atop bolognese and other pasta dishes. Even stir it through creamy polenta or risotto to give a mild cheese taste and creamy mouthfeel. Try making our Classic Mushroom & Cheese Pies.

Lauds Original Oat Melt has a slightly higher melting point than cheddar, so leave it a little longer than you are used to for best results.

Tasty Oat Melt

Lauds Tasty Oat Melt is the big brother of our original melting cheese. Crafted as a ‘tasty’ melting product, it contains matured cashew cheese, which exhibits a stronger, cheesier flavour. It is a versatile cheese which melts, bubbles and browns much like regular cheese.

By using real and natural ingredients, we ensure our product doesn’t taste artificial. This product has a higher melting point than traditional cheese, so cook for a little longer. Use to top pizzas, lasagna or nachos, make toasted sandwiches, or add it to savoury pastries for a melting cheese indulgence. You’ll want to try this yummy cheese in our Vegan Creamy Potato Bake.

Better with butter

Cultured Oat Butter

Smooth, creamy and delicious!

It is made by churning our oat and yellow split pea cultured yoghurt, organic refined coconut oil and Tasmanian Sea Salt. It is a decadent, creamy and spreadable butter that melts in your mouth just like regular butter. Use on toast, in baking or to sauté vegetables. Makes a fabulous roux for a plant-based béchamel sauce and bakes beautifully in cakes. Try it in delicious Pan-Fried Gnocchi with Butter and Sage.

Are you inspired to start cooking with our plant-based cheeses?

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