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When you think Lauds think:

  • Nutritious to fuel your body and heart
  • Delicious flavour you’ll come back for
  • Different – we do different, accept different and try different

Quality should never have to be comprised, and plant-based alternatives are no exception. We believe that plant-based alternatives to dairy should amplify a meal just like dairy does!

We are all about creating products that satisfy your cravings whilst also being good for you. You are feeding your kindness, while fuelling yourself.

Let’s take a closer look at how we make our products.

Whole Ingredients

Nutrition is an important component to all our products. This is why we use the whole nut or oat, so we can include all the nutrients available. Delicious and good for you? Yes please.

Traditional Cheesemaking Process

Our cheeses are made with love and we lend from the traditional cheesemaking process in our products, just without the dairy. Our cheeses can be used in so many delicious ways, creating yummy dishes that will satisfy. From a usability point of view, there is no real fancy way of cutting, using, or presenting Lauds cheese. Our plant-based alternatives have a wider usability than traditional cheese, so you can experiment and adapt. Here are a few tips for using our plant-based cheese: our Aged Cashew and Ashed Walnut cheeses do not need to be taken out of the fridge an hour earlier like dairy platter cheeses, they are best eaten straight from the fridge. Both melting cheeses have a higher melting point than traditional cheese, so may need to be cooked a little longer. Our Persian Feta will simply melt away into hot dishes, so best to use on a pizza/savoury tart or any other dish after the cooking process.

Probiotic and Prebiotic

Some of our products are wonderful sources of probiotic bacteria, helping your gut flora to flourish, and therefore helping you to experience overall wellbeing. We ferment some products with probiotic Water Kefir, but one of our most important ingredients is our house-made Oat Milk Yoghurt, which is the culturing agent for most of our current products. Oats themselves are a great prebiotic, meaning that they are a type of non-digestible fibre compound (aka an oligosaccharide) which helps to feed probiotics! Simply put, prebiotics such as oats become fuel for the good bacteria that live in your gut. How good is that?